High operation reliability and speech intelligibility through latest technology

Tannoy QflexOur systems are calibrated professionally, so we're not just talking about speech quality, we can calculate it and verify the measurement (STI). Because you shall be sure that your message gets delivered.

Therefore we only use high-quality components for PA systems to secure a high operation reliability. Such systems consist microphony, an audio source, mixer (digital or analog) and the right speaker for the location.

For us Tannoy Qflex is the right choise when it comes to acoustic irradiation for it has individually deployable speaker arrays (32 speakers, arranged vertically), that way we can respond flexibly to local conditions.

Quality in acoustic engineering - in equipment and staffMischpult mit Tontechniker

With an excellent visual impact, sanitized (which, for us, is obligatory, especially when it comes to microphones!), serviced and neat - that's the way our material is represented to our costumers.

Our pool of highly trained sound technicians employs this acoustic engineering and PA system in a way which guarantees our costumer a special and superb outcome. To compromise ain't our style - sound is what matters.