Broadbanded media networks to concentrate audio, video and data

Riedel MediorNet Compact Pro NahansichtA comprehensive management of signals and data gets more and more important these days. The variety of audio, video and data streams has to be gripped and highly cross-linked. That is whereever there is a need for media usage. Events tend to make high remarks in this field. With the "Riedel MediorNet" we meet this high remarks to enable a perfectly managed event for our costumers. After all all advice or information to the point of communication between technicians, annotators and direction are going through these media networks (in form of fibre network).

Secure data managementRiedel MediorNet der Acoustic Service GmbH

A high stock width for data also needs a high degree of reliability but even so flexibility for all conceivable infrastructures. Both and also a high reliability in data management is provided by the "Riedel MediorNet" on which we thoroughly confide.

Because we want your event to be implemented up to the hilt - reliably and faultlessly.